Enhanced knowledge
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Safeguard the performance of your grid assets.

Take advantage of the breadth of our control cabinet expertise for all your electrical grid equipment.

Safeguard the performance of your grid assets.

Take advantage of the breadth of our control cabinet expertise for all your electrical grid equipment.

expertise aligned with technology shifts

As a manufacturer of high-voltage equipment for the electrical grid, you understand the importance and challenges of monitoring, control, communication and protection.

As a specialized manufacturer of customized control cabinets and electrical apparatus, we know better than anyone the requirements of the electrical power industry—for both today and tomorrow.

Unprecedented control cabinet versatility

We take care of the manufacturing of your control cabinets and electrical apparatus in full compliance with your specifications and deadline. Our services can address every aspect of a turnkey solution for various applications with control cabinet needs, including:

  • High-voltage circuit breaker
  • Tap changer
  • Capacitor bank and accessories
  • Application for smart grids
  • Asset protection
  • Turbines and generators
  • Command and protection panels
  • Any other equipment requiring the integration of a customized control system

Complete compliance with requirements
and industry standards

Standardized design

  • Temperature or vibration monitoring for critical applications
  • Specialized component integration
  • Programming and configuration of controllers and communication networks
  • Comprehensive set of drawings, wiring plans, wiring diagrams, layout plans and hardware list
  • Optional CSA/UL certified design, and compliant with IEEE C57.148 standard if required.

Robust component selection

  • Robust manufacturing terminals for alarms, control, power and measuring
  • Terminals for current transformer and test switch
  • Protection relays, temperature controller, remote terminal, annunciator, tap changer controller
  • Choice of communication medium, such as copper, optical fiber, radio or satellite, according to the required protocol and available infrastructure (DNP3, IEC 61850 and more)
  • High-voltage equipment monitoring system
  • Accessories: GFCI receptacles, heating, ventilation and drain.

Specialized manufacturing

  • Robust NEMA/IEC cabinet for outdoor use made of painted steel or stainless steel
  • Inside doors, 3-point handles, rain protector and industrial-grade hardware
  • Gland plate, external and internal NEMA ground pad
  • SIS, ETFE, MTW/TEW wiring
  • Numbering and labelling system compliant with client requirements and IEEE C37.2 standard
  • Provision for cabinet assembly on equipment

Part of the VOLTYX family

When you partner with NOMOS, you benefit from our sister companies that can assist customers across the United States. Tap into their expertise in the installation and commissioning of control cabinets on your high-voltage assets as well as the configuration and programming of monitoring controllers, communication networks and protection relays (unionized or non-unionized requirements).

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